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25 Mar 2019

March members monthly meeting with speaker

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ME18 6JS, Yalding Village Hall

Latest News

Tunbridge Wells insecticide pollution traced to sewage plant

30 Jan 2019 | 7:31 pm

Most beekeepers are well aware of the threat pesticides pose for pollinators but here is a local story of pesticide pollution from a source that certainly surprised me.

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How does smoke subdue bees?

5 Jan 2019 | 5:07 pm

Is It a Form of Hypnotherapy?

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Importing Animals and Animal Products If There’s No Brexit Deal

Posted on 17 February 2019 | 12:21 pm

Defra have published guidance on importing animals, which includes bees, if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. The information can be viewed by clicking on the following link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/importing-animals-animal-products-and-high-risk-food-and-feed-not-of-animal-origin-after-eu-exit

Specific honey bee information will be provided on BeeBase as soon as it is available.

Change of Email Address

Posted on 17 February 2019 | 12:21 pm

Please be aware that the National Bee Unit email address has changed to remove the reference to ‘GSI’. Please update your records with immediate effect to use nbu@apha.gov.uk as emails sent to the old address will return invalid.

Appointment of Julian Parker as Temporary Head of National Bee Unit

Posted on 13 February 2019 | 12:21 pm

Following the retirement of Mike Brown on Friday 8th February, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Julian Parker as the temporary Head of the National Bee Unit. Julian has held a variety of roles within the National Bee Unit over the past ten years, including most recently National Bee Inspector.

Spring Convention - booking now live

Posted on 25 March 2019 | 12:04 pm

Harper Adams University, Newport,  Shropshire,  TF10 8NB 12,13,14 April 2019   The National Beekeeping Event of the Year! 20+ Lectures; 60+ Workshops & Seminars for all levels of beekeeping experience  Research Session Saturday 13th for BBKA sponsored studies Hear from scientist Samuel Ramsey who discovered varroa mites feed on bee organs not their blood    Large Tradeshow Saturday 13th  Excellent facilities and great value catering  On-site accommodation SOLD OUT - Please DO NOT phone Harper Adams Book Now Click on the blue links for more information: download the Full Programme or FAQS Tickets: Entry all areas with full Convention Wristband:  Full Day or Week-End tickets from £12 to £26 In-Advance (£15 - £30 On-the-Day).  Trade Show Only - £5 on-the-day.. All delegates must wear a wristband for admission.  Website wristband bookings close 2nd April.  Thereafter wr...

BBKA Membership renewal (British)

Posted on 25 March 2019 | 10:18 am


Apiary and Education

Posted on 23 March 2019 | 6:38 pm

Our Apiary will be a live resource for learning about the environment and pollinators Our plans include a wildlife pond for frogs and newts and as a source of water for the bees complete redesign of planting to include maximum forage throughout as much of the year as possible  accessible for the elderly and those in wheelchairs sensory garden building with a glass or Perspex panel so those either allergic to, or scared of bees, can still see them up close Alongside all this fantastic work outside... We will welcome schools and community groups onsite and make a shared learning space of our hall. We will change the access route to larger groups and have disabled toilets installed. With this in place we will be in better stead to teach all sorts of different groups about the importance of bees, food security and the environment.