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How does smoke subdue bees?

5 Jan 2019 | 5:07 pm

Is It a Form of Hypnotherapy?

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Four parents or no mother ?

30 Nov 2018 | 9:23 pm

Just when you thought you understand the fundamentals of the birds and the bees and all that goes on in their reproductive processes, researchers publish papers that throw all that knowledge up in the air.

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YDBK at Waitrose

20 Aug 2018 | 2:52 pm

YDBK will be attending Waitrose at Paddock wood on the 8th September from 10.00am till 4.00pm as part of the ‘Community Matters’ Scheme.

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Password requests and email response issues

Posted on 22 January 2019 | 7:25 am

Please note: We are currently experiencing issues with our password requests and email responses we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Starvation Alert

Posted on 29 November 2018 | 7:25 am

Beekeepers should continue to monitor their colonies throughout the winter as temperatures in some regions of the UK have been unusually high for the winter months, allowing honey bee flight and forage of pollen. In some cases, small patches of brood are still being reared and the demand on the colony's food resources ongoing. 

Where temperatures do not allow for a sugar syrup feed, fondant icing can be placed directly on the top bars of the colony, above the cluster and fed as required.

For further information, please see the ‘Best Practice Guidance No. 7 - Feeding Bees Sugar’ on the following BeeBase Page: http://www.nationalbeeunit.com/index.cfm?pageid=167

Importing Animals and Animal Products If There’s No Brexit Deal

Posted on 28 November 2018 | 7:25 am

Defra have published guidance on importing animals, which includes bees, if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. The information can be viewed by clicking on the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/importing-animals-and-animal-products-if-theres-no-brexit-deal

Specific honey bee information will be provided on BeeBase as soon as it is available.


Posted on 22 January 2019 | 3:30 pm

Thank you for visiting our DONATE page You may have seen us on social media and we hope that our message gets across that we are working hard to safeguard our honeybees. This is an important and serious matter. So please support our Research and Education projects.  As part of our vision we are planning to redevelop our Apiary to become a cutting edge learning centre for local schoolchildren and community groups.

BBKA Membership renewal (British)

Posted on 22 January 2019 | 2:59 pm


Bee produce (yes honey bees make all sorts of wonderful things as well as honey)

Posted on 21 January 2019 | 4:05 pm

Beeswax  Made from the honeycomb of the honeybee, beeswax is the purest and most natural of all waxes. For each pound of beeswax provided by a honey bee, the bee visits over 30 million flowers. To produce one pound of wax requires the bees to consume about eight to ten pounds of honey. They secrete the beeswax from the underside of their abdomens, and then use the wax to construct a honeycomb. The youngest bees cluster in large numbers to raise their body temperature. Wax-producing glands under their abdomens slowly secrete slivers of wax about the size of a pinhead. Other worker bees harvest these wax scales and take them to the part of the hive requiring the new wax. Bees use about 6 lb of honey to produce 1 lb of wax. Bee bread 'Edible grade' pollen or 'bee bread' is a mixture of plant pollen and honey, which bees mould into granules and store in their honeycombs. Plant pollen can make you sneeze and have a runny nose and eyes if you are allergic to it, but people eat bee...