YDBKA Swarms 2011


Some pictures from swarms collected by some of our members this year!

Do you have any pictures you'd like to add to this collection? Let us know!

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Chris - Bewl Water
Chris found this swarm in the loft of a house near Bewl Water - they were later removed with a special "bee vacuum", and happily rehomed, and are doing very well!
Room with a view...
James extracted this swarm from a cherry tree - they were rehomed, and are doing well.
All quiet...
This swarm, collected by Pete did well, later superceding their queen.

A Pipe Dream?
Not quite - this small swarm, gathered behind a drain pipe.
Once collected by James, it was found to be riddled with Varroa. However - this has now been treated, and they are doing well.

Crikey! What a lot of Bees!
Now that, is one cracker of a swarm! Collected by Michael.
Go on, get in there!
Michael stands by and waits for the remaining bees from this swarm to follow the queen into their temporary home!
Every beekeeper should have one...
It is becoming a common theme - year on year, we have a picture of someone hitching a lift from a JCB to catch that out-of-reach swarm!
That said - once you've got your JCB in position... catching said hard-to-reach swarm is a piece of cake!
Settling in...
Michael's JCB-collected swarm settles into it's new (albeit temporary) home.
Bees in a Tree
You may have already seen the other pictures of the "Bees in a Tree" - this is them being extracted from said tree!
Bees in a Tree
What excellent use of space... maybe Ikea should employ bees?
Bees ON a Tree!
Rather easier to catch when on the OUTSIDE of the tree!
Conservatory Swarm
Chris collected these from a conservatory.
Not QUITE a Swarm...
Sometimes we're called out for swarms... that aren't quite swarms!
"Attended" by Steve!
Hacking a Tree About!
It's great when the landowner lets you just chop the tree down, bees and all!
Collected by Steve.
Bees in... a bin?
All the bees from the previous photo on the branch... now they're in a bin... shortly, they'll be in a polystyrene nuc box!
Polystyrene Nuc Box
With hindsight, I can confirm that this swarm was too big for a 14x12 nuc box... they departed... twice, after this!
Collected by Steve.

Posh Bees!
It was suggested I had a landing board... I thought I'd made it a bit posh for the new residents!
Collected by Steve.