Pete and Chris Tackle Some "Challenging" Swarms


Pete (our Chairman) and Chris (our Vice Chairman) wrangle a couple of more "interesting" swarms into new, more convenient homes !

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First sight of the swarm
Swarms start to build comb almost immediately on settling in an area - it is vital for the survival of the colony.
A view from outside
This is the gap the comb was going to have to come out of !
Pete checks the comb
But where to put it all...?
Securing the wild comb into wooden frames
Chris wraps twine around the wild comb to hold it in place inside the frame, until the bees resecure it properly.
Up, left a bit... stop !
Not all swarms are in such easy to reach places !
Newly hived swarm
Once the queen has moved in, the rest of the bees soon follow suite, they'll all file in as dusk arrives.