Jeanette and Dave's Apiary Visit


Following a slightly wobbly start weather-wise to the day, the sun came out in time for our visit to Jeanette and Dave's apiary, in their beautiful garden.

Jeanette and Dave run primarily National 14x12 hives, and are lucky enough to be running up to four supers on most of them!

You'll also notice a green bottle cap on the fronts of some of their hives - this is an interesting idea - under the bottle cap is a small hole, through which bees can fly direct into the supers - storing their nectar quickly and efficiently - the bottle cap is there to close the hole up, in case of wasp attack!

Apart from the great opportunity to visit another members' apiary - Jeanette also laid on some delicious homemade scones and cakes - yummy!

Thank you very much to Jeanette and Dave for inviting us along to their apiary.

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The motley crew gathers in their protective gear, before making their way down to the hives.   Beekeeping in the wild - lovely!
You can just about see the green plastic caps on their supers here...    
A closer view of the "super hole"... with a conveniently placed bee for scale!   Jeanette checks over her hives... wasps are beginning to be a bit of a problem.
Jeanette checks the sticky varroa floor for mite drop since her last inspection.    
Busy bees!