Honey Bee Fayre and Auction 2012


What an amazing day, and we were SO pleased with the great turn out, and very happy that everyone seemed so pleased with it!

Thank you for your support - we really do appreciate it!

With your help - we raised a brilliant £1866! Thank you!


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Stalls were set out beautifully - ready for a day of visitors! The honey stall readies itself for business!

Pete observes the noble art of Skep Making!

Jordan checks out the Omlet stand This lot would have you believe they were rushed off their feet!

Martin Buckle making one of his beautiful skeps

Jo gets into the spirit of the day! The visitors begin to arrive!

Crowds gather for the bee demonstration

What a stupendous cake! A fantastic selection of cakes - something for everyone!

Jordan 'hives' a swarm in front of a crowd of fascinated onlookers

James showing off our observation hive Some of Martin Buckle's brilliant handmade skeps

Martin dons the ancient beekeeping suit, and meets the crowds!

Jordan and Ian get underway with another bee demonstration to fascinated onlookers Jordan and Ian


James - never one to miss a photo opportunity! Everyone gathers for the auction

Special commendation goes to the owner of this van - very well done!

  Steve shares the masterful art of solitary bee house creation with visitors of all ages!