Record-Breaking Swarm?!?


Last year (2011), when one of our members collected a swarm in early April, we were all amazed, and thought it had to be one of the earliest swarms.
However - this year, we've trumped that! Chris went to investigate reports of a swarm on 27th February!!!

And sure enough - it really was a swarm!

The lucky little swarm had managed to find a hole in a large, sunny wall, and had bunkered down in it. Chris has been able to get the bees out, and safely into a hive.
We're all wishing this amazing little swarm all the best - let's hope it survives!

We would like to mention that this truly is exceptional - and routine inspections of your hives should not be undertaken at this time of year!


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From a distance - you could easily mistake it for a patch of moss! But no, sure enough, that is a swarm of honey bees - in FEBRUARY! Here you can just about see the hole they've been hiding in!