Bees in a Tree 2


Chris sets to work removing another colony from within a recently felled tree. The chainsaw, what every beekeeper asked Father Christmas for this year!

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  Cross Section
Chris cuts the tree cross-section style, in order to access the colony with minimal destruction of their comb.
First Sight...
The colony is exposed for the first time...
  Firewood, anyone?
The Colony, Exposed
Lifting out the cross-section of tree lifts out most of the colony with it.
The Colony, Exposed
Now it is just a case of hiving the colony...

Alas, in all the excitement of hiving the colony - there was a bit of a dearth of pictures to go here... just imagine it!

Bees, brood, queen and comb all safely hived!
The hive is left on the site of the tree for the rest of the day, giving foraging bees a chance to get back in, before the hive is moved to its new home.