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It is with regret that Yalding & District Beekeepers is no longer an active club and has now closed. However, the good news is that our associate club Laddingford & District Beekeepers is thriving so can I suggest that you visit their website at www.laddingfordbeekeepers.co.uk where you will find all the up to date information you may need. If you require any specific information that you cannot access on their website then please contact the Chair, Marilyn Taylor at chair@laddingfordbeekeepers.co.uk and she will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.


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Latest News

Invasive species: MPs call for a million people's help

26 Oct 2019 | 9:35 pm

More than a million volunteers are needed to tackle the spread of invasive non-native species in the UK, MPs say.

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The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life

21 Oct 2019 | 8:04 pm

A slew of factors—its acidity, its lack of water and the presence of hydrogen peroxide—work in perfect harmony, allowing the sticky treat to last forever.

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LEGO Beehive

13 Sep 2019 | 11:11 pm

Real hive built from LEGO

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COVID-19 and Beekeeping update

Posted on 19 October 2020 | 12:00 am

Please find the latest Covid-19 beekeeping guidance. The update includes separate links to the current Public Health Guidance for England, Wales and Scotland.


COVID-19_and_Beekeeping_-_Welsh_Language_Version v3

If you have any queries please contact:

For England: BeeHealth.Info@defra.gov.uk
For Wales: HoneyBeeHealth@gov.wales / GwenynMelIach@llyw.cymru
For Scotland: Bees_Mailbox@gov.scot

Asian hornet nest killed in the Gosport area of Hampshire

Posted on 15 September 2020 | 12:00 am

An Asian hornet nest in an apple tree was killed near Gosport, Hampshire on Friday 11th September.  The nest was small, approximately 20cm in diameter and monitoring will continue in the area.

Further information regarding the Asian hornet can be found on our Asian hornet page on BeeBase and on Defra's 2020 Asian Hornet sightings page. Please direct all media enquiries to the Defra Press Office: 0330 0416560

Please report sightings using the ‘Asian hornet Watch’ app for Iphone and Android.

Asian Hornet Week

Posted on 11 September 2020 | 12:00 am

7-13 September is Asian Hornet Week
A new blog by the National Bee Unit on Asian Hornet has just been published here
Please report sightings using the ‘Asian hornet Watch’ app for Iphone and Android.

BBKA Videos for the National Honey Show 2020

Posted on 26 October 2020 | 2:26 pm

The National honey show 2020 is a virtual exhibition this year. Visit the National Honey Show site to find out more YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHbDgKpWEuU YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nC_CJfoOMM

Lecturers & Speakers

Posted on 20 October 2020 | 2:18 pm

Enhance your association activities and extend your educational programme by booking a speaker. Tips for looking after your speakers:  Make contact with potential speakers well in advance, many are booked up to a year ahead. Send your speaker a reminder a week or so before, with clear directions and map on how to find the venue. Check your speaker's equipment needs. If your speaker is travelling a long distance, be prepared to provide accommodation/ dinner costs. Provide a parking space as close to the venue as possible. Don't forget to send a note of thanks. Speakers' Directory


Posted on 20 October 2020 | 10:44 am

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